Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kristy wows the judges!

Kristy was the main feature throughout the American Idol premiere last night. I think they promoted her at almost every commercial break.

First thing I have to say is that Kristy is gorgeous. It seemed like the room just lit up when she entered. Another thing the judges picked up on was her sincerity, which in my opinion is hard thing to find in singers these days. It's one thing to have someone sing, and another to have someone sing TO YOU.

We'll be posting the audition clip ASAP. So stay tuned.

Oh yeah, on to Hollywood!!


imbugs said...
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imbugs said...

Kristy is very good,like Carrie U. but she will need to take it easy, don't give it all away, at the beginning or they will complain, she's slowing down/loosing confidence etc
stay sweet/nice but be strong about your beliefs, don't act too good/cool as we love you now but folks can turn if you change. get-em girl go PDX. Dr Bugs

Travis said...

My favorites are Michael Johns , David Cook , David Archuleta , Kristy Lee Cook , Kady Malloy , Alaina Whitaker , Brooke White.

Azie Ramly said...

i just love Kristy. I am glad she made it to top 12. i love her for her beauty and her personality. i just love her..! she is soooo pretty...!!

entfan said...

Ok, so now Ryan Seacrest is rubbing Kristy Lee's neck, she is whispering things about texting him, and he is leaning into her when saying the name of the song "I will alway... Love you" and she is saying "Thank you, Ryan". Either they are playing with the audience, or something is going on here!

Tuhin said...

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